Registored for an account on Source Forge today and set up a project there for NPM.

My primary goal at the moment is the website because managing the source code on my laptop is no real problem, you could say I’m my own revision control system.

I’m planning on putting Source Forges project SVN Repository to work soon though. I am some what familiar with CVS, I’ve used it in the past but I’m not fond of it. Like emacs my relationship with CVS is a case of being able to live with it but not partial to it.

So in accordance with how much I have had to learn in getting this project a moving, I’ve elected to study a bit about using SVN. Heck, I havn’t used C++ in ages, I even hated the Python tutorials and never found the time to learn GUI toolkits besides (old version of) Java’s AWT. I also had to do a fair bit of hide and seek throughout the ports system internals. So I may as well learn a new versioning control system while I’m at it.

Hmm, busy busy busy time ! I’d love to get a micro-website and an alpha release sorted out this month.

NOTE TO SELF: Upload map for tomorrows live op tonight!