Test 1, Phase 0

booted my test machine

set up for video taping

svn’d a copy of npm source

edited source to prepare for test

began test.

Not 100% what I wanted but this is the first live test of install and deinstall operations.

Video Sample

I tested doing a portinstall of xgalaga, confirmed it ran, and then removed it. The pkg_delete operations output left a little bit to be desired! But hey, it did work…

I want to prep a script and get the code ready for a small battery of live tests under real world conditions. Once the code is suitably able to pass an acceptible amount of the tests… Alpha release.

Before I video the next one through I want to have a properly written out and planned script to follow for the video. I also really would like to try and get my Mic working (not tested yet) so I could use voice over and some background music wouldn’t hurt if it didn’t add more then a few megabytes to the out file.

Currently tests will take the first priority and continuing feature implementation will take secondary until the Alpha release is ready op.

I want to triple check but I think I’ll be able to host the video on the website for download and I can probably upload it to YouTube. Using rapidshare for this one was just to make it available (temporarily). The final one made for the alpha release will be much better.

My main concern though is getting NPM ready hehe.