NPM test 1, phase 1 results

I was a little disatisified with the phase 0 results. What I had done was checkout a copy of the sources onto the test machine end removed the diagnostic messages of echoing the command and arguments to be run in the background. A few oversites later namely a missing equals sign and the lack of –verbose switches (as can be seen in the video’s uninstall segment) I basically got it working but not quite happy with it.

Sat down tonight after watching a movie and set to work on getting her working smoothly out of the source tree. After that was done and with a little poking at portupgrade later…. I ran a group of live tests to check for the ‘it actually works’ factor with the core things and got no show stoppers. The only bad things I can say is I don’t care much for the port{upgrade,install} output dots and the occasional lag in updating the QTextEdit widget but it’s probably no slower then doing it from my shell.

here is a copy of the last commit message from editing source code:


update package listing (right listview)
view pkg_info for selected package (xevil)
remove selected package (xevil)
search ports tree (for xevil)
install port (xevil)

xevil was selected because it is one of the ports I have installed that is a suitable test case (small, fast/easy to install/deinstall) and one of the time wasters I have setup that I can live without if I frag it on there install.

I’m going to upgrade the development status on source forge to Alpha shortly and tomorrow I hope to have a file release ready op, Most of what remains is logistics really, before the Alpha Release the following needs to be compelete:

0/ make demo video (I would write the script now if it was a quarter after 4am’ish) — couldn’t get mic working, just as well with my house…

1/ mini faq thingy uploaded to website and update the sites download page

2/ readme file generated with basic testing instructions blah blah — also included a template for a desktop icon.

3/ update trunk/src/ NPM_VERSION – probably will get bumped to “0.48.Xa” ore “0.48.Xpre” and clean up some of the comments

4/ read SVN handbook on tagging and branching and put it to work – I want the alpha release split off the trunk.

5/ get file release prepared — done and done!

6/ forum post typed up for – done

7/ get my ass back to coding — what I should be doing lots of hehe.

Hooooooaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Now if I can get audio working in XVidCap and enough silence to do it with my crappy mic, this gonna be a nice start.

Sadly most of this is gonna have to wait until after dark…

fucking family already has given me a headache and it’s only 1617 local..