I was installing a program last night on my laptop that needed several GNUStep stuff, so I found out the hardway that it needed GCC v4.2.x’s Objective C compiler…

It took maybe 3 1/2 to 4++ hours to build lang/gcc42 but I suppose it’s a good thing. I always wanted to give it a test drive and it seems to have included the Fortran and Java (gcj) compilers with it.

The only good things I can say is one of my C programs built fine with the C Compiler (/usr/local/bin/gcc42) and I got to thumb through the source code in /usr/ports/lang/work/gcc-*/ while I waited. The parts I saw were quite well documented to and a pleasure to read.

One nice thing I suppose, a successful build of a compiler collection is probably a good stress-test for my laptops hardware :