days recap

It’s been a bit of a busy night, took a little time to work on the NPM_PortConfig class but I’m still not really happy with it. The main thing that concerns me at the moment is dealing with saved config’s. Namely how to handle a situation where the Makefile has more options in it then the saved options from last time the system was built. Because other then that, it is really just as simple as check for a saved config,parse it if found and the makefile if not then and move on..

Also been playing around with the ol’C++ tonight. So farI’ve been reminded of why I hate C++ and why I love Qt and the GNU Compiler Collection at the same time lol. It does feel kind of weird to be working on some thing in C++ again, it was my first language but I have not used it in ages.. used C yeah sure but not C++ :

Lead some Planning & Leading training on TG#1 today. I was a little disapointed that Chester was the only one that showed up… But I think it whent quite good. Chester continues to show he’s worth our time in training. And the best part, we got to sneak past a ton of tango’s right under their noses hehe xD

Still early here, 0320R (local) but it’s hard to keep my mind on the code…

*sighs* women… lol.