Tired, Angry, and Generally P.T.F.O.

At the wits end and bored as watching shit roll down a snow drift in winter.

The only remaining possibility for the GF8400GS’s amazingly crappy performance with RvS and TSS… Drivers or worse the games are just rubbish with that card because of the age difference. I did first run RvS on a GF4200 and SWAT4 on a high end Radeon 9800 after all lol

To top it all off, I could’ve either gotten a 8600GT online for less after rebates or same care for much less if I could’ve “just ordered online” but no… who the fook listens to me lol.

I can’t roll back drivers to the ones that I know did work smoothly with RvS & TSS on my 6200 though because they are so damn old that those drivers don’t support the 8400 even through the unified arch. Grrrrr…. I’m not getting a fucking deskjob out of this and retirement is not an option !!!

How the rat fucking hell you can kick at a games settings until you’ve gotten average frame rates from every thing between 30 FPS and a 150FPS and still get the lag step feeling of “doing the robot” when moving is ridicules ! FFS I may as well have blown it all on a paper weight instead of an “upgrade” of a replacement.. Sheesh if they had the right port type I’d get the same cheap-ass card I had to replace… Wasn’t much but at least it fucking worked right !!!

It can run BF2 all out without even moving a muscle but RvS and TSS kill it. Today we had a rough & tumble assault plan by Rct Hawke, slow down was so bad I practically got hng up on the door. When I got to the stairs it was so damn slow it felt like I was wearing lead army boots. By the time I did get up top of the stairs in what felt like minutes later, I was shot, limping, still in high FPS rates all through it, and hadn’t seen a flib’n tango along the way that could’ve hit me. piece of crap…. I guess I should move Americas Army up on the test list since it’s the only other Unreal Engine game I own, who knows maybe it could effect all Unreal 2.x games : I don’t own any of the UT games to test either.

Now that would suck… if every Unreal Engine game was utter crap on this piece of crap card.

*sigh* why do I even fscking bother…

Oh wait, I forgot I’m in this mess because the card I didn’t want in the first place but got stuck with went bad. And the card I had to get to replace it because I couldn’t get any other (thank you very much for no online shopping option!!!) doesn’t work well with the damn games I play.. I swear, if I ever get the cash for a Personal Computer again.. I’m building it my self and ain’t listening to no whining ass family when it comes to how to spend the money !!

Hell, I’ve been accustomed to a weekly income of $0 my entire life and having to make the absolute most of what I do spend. And I know more about computers then any one in this burg I’ve met that ain’t paid to know more then I do. Let along being capable of assembling my own workstation and buying the parts wisely enough. My desktop has been $1600 + $80 and now + $100 worth of hell and countless headaches over the past two years. And I could build a better system for $1200 ffs !!! Thi sis what happens when you compromise on your freedom.

You become the (en)slave(d).