Here I sit, the darkness is on the brink

the business of the day gone by

my emotions come to intrude even upon the solace of my coding

I reach out for the things I desire

yet the seem to far off to go

will I ever reach the destination?

Will it even be the destination I seek…

Oh how I long…

the memories of the past haunt me

dreams of the future wound me

yet what else is there for me?

But my memories and my dreams

Of the things lost

of the things sought

the road is narrow as I stumble

all there is here is pain

till I reach the end of the journey

yet I can not tell how long it shall be

only that it be long and hard

what will await at the end?

to truth or to sorrow

to passion or to torment

I reach towards the future yet my arm is blocked, tied, constrained

bound by the past, of wounds still fresh

I can’t help but wonder, what will the future bring…

Be it madness, be it happiness, as long as it comes to a success.

what is life but a tail of joys and sorrows.

the deeds of ones hands and thy toil.

Of loves lost, of loves to be found…

Tis to an end my dear,

for I can bear it no more.

the mind must learn to forget,

as a new day looms.

To a new horizon I set sail

and of the warm waters I dream

in search of that island paradise

once more, forever more.

— The driftings of a spider