I figure for today, I can probably work on updating my PC-BSD test machine to using FreeBSD 7, for updating the ports that will likely have to wait for later. With luck I can leave it running over night.

I want to spend some time working on the user-interface for NPM, I know what I want but I am not sure what value it will have. Essentially my idea is for the user to select from several implementations of the main window including the ability to use custom made modules for it.

I also want to implement an option by which each module is checked against a given list of checksums, if the module fails the checksum it won’t be allowed to load. With this method one could theroectically restrict any non-NPM supplied window layouts from being loaded but it’s probably a useless feature but one I’d like to tinker with just for the fun of it lol.

I also know if I don’t get a few things out of my head I’m going to pop.. Maybe coding will help :.