EoR, End of Rest

Almost time to get back to school work 🙁

Bored to utter tears but with a little determination I should have an entire subject polished off by the time I’ve got to report back to work.

It’s not very challenging, don’t think I’ve been seriously academically challenged since I learned to read… But the faster this buffalo pucky gets done the faster I can get moving. To be honest, I’m tempted to write a program to do my math homework for me, maybe even try different methods just to piss off the teachers.

At least that way I might learn some thing in the process 🙂

My written English skills are derailed by speech’isms and keyboards. My writing tends to be a cross between how I speak and how I think, rather then the formalities (some friends wonder if I’ve ever heard of a ; lol). And my handwriting is hopeless from the years of keyboarding — after working on it to profection “under penalty of death” in the early years that pisses me off lol. Of all that I’ve done the few B’s and C’s I’ve seen over the years come from English-related subjects.

Heck, my motivation for learning to read as a child was because I wanted to read a book myself. The only part school played was in motivating people to help me along the way. The routine bit they had first tried to throw at me did nothing but annoy me, didn’t teach a darn thing.

The majority of my understandings of mathematics and the related didn’t come from school, learned 90% of things I know trying to solve problems that *interested me*. I remember when things like square and cubic measures were first introduced into my schooling years ago.

It bored the shit out of me!

I had already reverse engineered processes if you will — that is I figured it out by looking at a real problem in front of me. Using my brain cells and expirmentation to try and solve it until I got close enough for my tastes.

Back then I had spent a lot of my free time working on custom ‘Mech designs to the great est technical details I could think of: Calculating the amount of fuel that could fit in the storage space; figuring how much volume could be gained from storing it in some oddly shaped location (that was fun), the amount of force generated by the thrusters, thrust to mass ratios, acceleration rates (never was good at that), payloads without failing apart, etc.

That’s actually how I learned the Metric System, I was a kid that only was familiar with the US system of measure. Which oddly enough is defined in metric terms these days or so I’ve read xD. I had to learn to work with metric units because most things ‘Mech related are described in metrics. Before that my only encounter with meters/metres had been the Technical Manual to the NCC-1701D =/

The only limit to how far I could go was how much I could figure out between my head, a calculator, and scratch paper. And not a text book to be had ! It’s been years so I wonder how much has still stuck without any thing of interest to keep it fresh. I actually look forward to the more complex topics that you don’t get in high school, in the hopes it will be interesting for a change.

What good has school done me? Read, Write, Count and that is about it. The rest I’ve always learned because I have wanted to learn. For ****s sake most of the other subjects in high school, I’ve learned more by not listing to the text books. Most of my history tests had a –verbose switch added. I remember practically snoring through parts of the biology text book (it really was that bad). However, a little look for information on my own accord and it actually stuck. Psychology was actually fun buta tad useless at the HS level.

IMHO 75-85% of the stuff they make us do is busy work because between K and “Good bye and good riddens” people could learn a lot more in schools. tbh, I think I would rather have skipped it all and just went to the library every day instead — much more productive. For what remains, well…

Most of my back-log comes from letting it rot (as it deserves) and being to busy with work to do any of it. If I had just sat down and done it as it came, rather then working to pay for it… And devoting the rest of my time to learning things of interest I wouldn’t be in this situation now.

Thats why I want out and I’m taking it to bat — even if I’m bored stiff, it will give way before I do. 2008 is the year it falls and I get the heck out of it.

Because I do not surrender.