It’s some what odd really, one way or the I hear a lot of things. People tell me, some times I’m just included, etc. I’ll never quite get it lool but that’s the way things are. Any way you slice it, I’m a pair of ears with a strong lock’n’key on what they hear.

Marriages don’t always work out, but I can’t honestly fathom some things. I think, if you ever truly love a person that you never stop loving them.

If I didn’t believe that, maybe my own life wouldn’t be so miserable at times. But if I did believe such was possible, well it would certainly be an empty life to live.

Things can get fraged, aye — some times beyond repair, and some times to a point that they must be done with. Perhaps I am strange but I place more value on the concept then most of my peers.

If the heart had eyes, we would all be single, and we’d have plenty of enemies but no friends.

Hmm, not so sure if that is all bad or not some times… But for most people probably not a good one lol. Oh well, it is a strange world.