People still arguing over the ruddy pictures…I’m like the only non-fighting one in the Family… I wish I could just be free of this place.

What is it they said? Nero fiddled while Rome burned?

In the mean time I’ve been tinkering about, learning a little bit about XMMS skining by picking apart the skins I have installed. I’m not sure if XMMS skins are compatible with WinAmp but I know classic WinAmp skins are generally compatible with XMMS. So I could probably Google a winamp skinning guide if I wanted to but why bother, it’s fairly straight forward for XMMS afai can see. I don’t often use WinAmp on the WinMachine but XMMS I’ve been using on my laptop a lot along with MPlayer. Took a screen shot of the default xmms skin (which I love) and made a template for the main.bmp out of it. Been working on doing green text, gold keys (that go green when pushed), including an [SAS] Insignia, etc. Dunno if I will ever finish (or use) it but it is good to get my mind off things for awhile…

The internet connection has been total crud lately, every thing is working slow as a snail in the middle of a blizzard 8=). Download speeds varying between 20 and 150kb/sec, web pages are loading like it’s connected at 28.8K instead of the 3M we pay for. I love Bellsouth… wish they would go suck an egg, and choke on it.

I wonder if I’ll ever get out of here alive, wonder if I’ll ever find what I seek. There was once a narrow window for happiness but that is long since extinct. Who knows what the future will bring, doom or salvation… At least it might be an improvement.