The return of NPMs Coding Spider

My first commit to Neo Ports Managers SVN since March… Sheesh I’ve been AWOL on this ain’t I?

Revision 61 – Directory Listing
Modified Fri Apr 4 07:22:12 2008 UTC (5 minutes, 2 seconds ago) by sas_spidey01

searchlet module now uses an internal searching code by default with the ability to use a separate external program for searching ports.

It assumes calling convention is ‘your command’ ‘what to look for’ and the following output parsing convention:

portname description

any white space will do.

ability to set external command not yet implemented [in the GUI I meant]

It’s been so long I had to change my password in order to login to SVN and the websites SSH successfully loool. Oh well, back to work I go!!

My official todo list:

Terry@dixie$ cat ~/code/Python/src/npm/trunk/src/todo.txt                  7:26

searchlet config in settings pages:
external command
fields to search for with internal command

finish the GUI for configuring port build options.

GUI for updating via portsnap/c*sup

help browser

... older notes
Terry@dixie$ 7:30

There is not a lot that actually has to be done before a beta can be released, it’s just it has to get done. Most of the rest is stuff I *want* done first…

I’m usually happier when I’m working on some thing then when I’m groaning about, and honestly I’d rather concentrate on code then my mind wandering off along past explicits.