After looking at Vim 7.x’s omni completion during a conversation in #vim on I got an inkling to try making Vim auto complete the end of HTML tags without pressing ctrl-x + ctrl-o each time.

I’m sorry to say, it only took about 3 minutes:

imap </ </<c-x><c-o>

which tells Vim to enter </, press control+x following by control+o which is the insert mapping vim uses by default to do auto completion.

Yes I’m that bored… Haha

Hmm, I did think of an interesting idea which would a ‘collection monitoring playlist updater’ that would use MD5 checksums (or a faster algorithm due to the size of some of Wiz’s mixes). The idea would be a sort of tags-file / flat-file database that maps MD5 checksums of all known files to current file names. If a file name of a checksumed file has changed, update all playlists with the ‘new’ file name.

An interesting idea, especially since I use a mixture of XMMS and MPlayer these days rather then ol’Amarok.

As it would probably take more then ~15 minutes to md5 1.9GB of music files over a sshfs mount on my laptop, it’ll have to wait for another night but what an interesting idea xD