days rumble

Well I’ve put a few thoughts through LaTeX and even discovered that at least the version in my MiKTeX install on WinXP, some times pdflatex.exe/latex.exe will have an endless loop rather then die with the normal error message if you accidentally delete the end{document} at the end of a doc ^_^

I think I’ll probably post the file tomorrow in the members forum, I zipped it with a simple password chosen at random. The question is will I remember what it is later rofl.

I like using tex/latex quite a lot so far, works much better then XHTML+CSS at giving decent output without *eventually* getting annoying to edit and maintain. I’ve been slowing building up a .sty file for things I use a lot so I don’t have to worry about finding the last document I did some thing to when I can’t remember a specific.

Probably will pass out in a few hours next to learning perl, glad I’m off work tomorrow… need some rest: Maybe I can even catch up with the 30++ messages in my in box haha!

I’ve done enough for the night, in the future Ineed to play around with the Linux ABI on my laptop and NFS. I have a FreeBSD 7 partition, I think I will see if I can use that to help fix the PC-BSD one… Either way it would probably take less then 2 hours to reinstall my laptop and restore files once I’ve got a set of PC-BSD v1.5 disks handy…Most of the time of course spent transferring and extracting files on low end hardware lool. NFS, I’ve always avoided and OpenBSD seems to use a different syntax for /etc/exports then I learned on Linux but as long as it works… SSHFS and SMB/CIFS seem to have failed me, the only remaining options I know available to me are NFS and AFS, nether of which I’ve had time to test fully yet. I guess that can wait for later.

*passes out*