Well, downloading a PC-BSD v1.5 install disk via KGet… Looks like a reinstall / repair is probably going to be the only way to fix Linux GTK+ apps without spending more time and effort then it pays to on the issue. I even tried booting off my FreeBSD 7 partition and setting up linux-flock there. Much more successful then PC-BSD, it died due to a missing gnome library which is probably what I get for installing gnome2, gtk2, linux-gtk2, and mutual friends from packages >_>

I actually like KGet as far as download utilities go. I’m used to using FreeBSDs fetch command which just wraps around a few library routines. What I like most about kget is it just stays out of my way, sits in the system tray, and doesn’t take a Ph.D to figure it out 😉

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried the konqueror integration but it probably would be nice. I do rather like keeping downloads separated from my browser when it’s a _big_ file though. That way at least if my browser crashes the download won’t get FUBAR’d on me.

So here I sit, downloading the remaining ~500MB of the ISO image and watching The Negotiator which is one of my favorite thrillers. I remember I once caught it on cable one night and had to get the VHS when the chance came up. Now I enjoy the movie twice as much while I watch crooked SWAT team members break almost every damn rule their is to hostage rescue. To quote Kevin Spacey’s charactor, “You want to kill him on national television now!?”. The whole point of SWAT is to *_save_* lives, even the suspects if you can… but never, ever do you jeprodize the lives of hostages like that.

I need to get my system files backed up, shouldn’t take long it’s mostly the /etc folder, the parts of my home dir that are still local, and a few things in /usr/local/{share,etc} that I might want to keep. Guess it’s time to update my partitioning scheme while I’m at it….