Being a jerk

So, I was sitting here working on a class file — defining an interface that’s got over a 100 methods to write. And Ma was complaining that I hadn’t set my clock after this mornings power outage (about 7 hours previously). So, to shut her up I set the clock and carried on coding.

But since the only time source I’ve got handy is my laptop and the cable box is on the other side of a cloths rack. I used the laptop, which just so happens to be set to Universal Time Coordinated (UTC/Zulu time). That is what I set the clock for, and a few minutes ago she comes in to ask some thing and I tell her to look at the clock. Now she wants to rip the clock off the wall because I refused to set it to local time xD.

It’s my damn clock, if I’ve got to be forced to set the bloody thing, who says I can’t put it on STANDARD TIME !?