Dune or not Dune? I’m not crazy !!!

Ok, this one really had me worried for a few moments lol.

Tonight we watched Dune on cable, missed like the first 15 minutes or so. The onlu thing is it was strange, not the Dune I remember. And I know that movie like the back of my hand! Sheese I can recite dialogs for korns sake.

First of all the narrations during the film were done by a female voice, I’d presume the emperors daughter (Princess Irulan) or one of Pauls offspring in the post film covered part of Dune. I remember it being that distinctive male voice narrating throughout, same guy that did the prologue telling the how in the universe did we get here story.

Second when they introduced the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen there was a scene where he rips the heart plug out of some guy in white cloths and kills him — which I can not ever remember seeing before!

Third the scene when the Shadout Mapes brings the Fremen knife to the Lady Jessica was not there.

Forth the ‘torture’ scene when Feyd Rautha is cuttong off Duke Leto’s air supply he think-says “I wish it was Paul Atreides”.

Fith when they crash in the forbidden regions I don’t remember Paul _ever_ placing a thumper, I only remember one placed by the Fremen which was the second thumper in the scene. I also don’t remember Paul ever talking about the moving without a rhythm in order to keep from attracting the worms. Which was some thing that was very strongly noted in the book I might add.

Sixth the knife fight with the guy Paul is forced to duel after they fall in with the Fremen was gone.

Seventh the battle scenes when it shows them halting spice production on Arrakis was cut short.

Eighth the cable info said it was 140 minutes, running 2340-2400 local time but Dune is like a 3-hour movie (180min) without the commercials and roughly four hours with commercials.

I checked the VHS tape we have and proved that I’m not going crackers. The voice of the narrator was male throughout the entire VHS tape, the heart-plug part of the Barons intro was not in it. Feyd doesn’t think that when torturing the Duke but instead picks on Yueh. And the first thumper was never, ever shown plus the attack on the spice mining was much longer. And both knife scenes mentioned before were in the VHS we have taped. The one that was on TV was most deffo a different cut then the one we’ve been watching for, like as long as I can remember us watching Dune lol.

I glad my memories are correct because if not, it would mean my head would have been seriously f***ed up. There is nothing to ensure my memories of things are never corrupt but I generally know how well I remember things and how poorly too. My memory is NOT photographic but especially when it comes to movies it is damn good at things. I can remember almost everything about films I’ve seen many times and even then my minds context-sensitive memory often has trigger-events about parts of films I don’t know as well.

That’s just the way my head works, when something sticks it sticks for a long time — it’s like a sponge.

I remember when I completed my Recruit Tryout in [SAS] I told Cpl Wiz that if necessary I could give them an accounting of the mission. I still remember most of my first Troopers Tryout to boot. Even when I play these days and we occasionally have those “What did we miss moments?” at the end of a mission: I’m usually the one to speak up, “We forgot that room in such and such area by the whatever”.

When I go through the level of a game I generally form a mental image of it. When doing room clearing my mind links together every room and notes if it was cleared and how much. It’s a lot like a Binary Search Tree but operated upon at the mental level.

I’ve got a really good sense of direction at least among my family… My brains good at a few things lol.