days notes

Crashed and burned last night… Woke up, put Dune on, fell asleep during the prologue, woke up >4 hours later, turned it off, fell asleep, woke up some time after 0900.

To get dragged out on a shopping trip, multiple stores during an expedition that was planned for Monday.

To get stuck running ragged most of the day with this and thats.

To end up setting up new lamps and doing everything else under the sun when I was just about to hit code, 6 hours late.

To have a cheapo General Electric 60 watt light bulb ‘pop’ in one of the new lamps

To have said light bulb break off the base ‘cup’ that screws into the socket — a first for me.

To trying to remove the dang thing from the socket, no luck

To try dismantling it in an attempt to get a better method, no dice

To trying to twist it out by the piece that the filaments feed through, nice glass fragments gone airborne…

To people trying to pilers out the thing and setting glass zig-zagging in front of my face

To using every tool within hands reach to work on solving the problem, including a nutpick

To having to ‘ride along’ to the store to exchange it.

To getting a refund because they were out of them.

To having to change all of the light bulbs in remaining lamps to another brand of cheap 40 watt’ers because the others were to bright.

To it being a quarter after minute and still having nothing the fuck done, that was supposed to be finished two days ago.

To writing the blog post and wondering if I’ve got the engery to work on things tonight, let along the probability that one would have to out-pace a hacker to have a snowballs chance in hell of finishing the workload before Monday; switch over date to the ‘next’ project. Never mind the fact that I’m about ready to crash as far as being able to concentrate on digging into poorly written and undocumented amount of code. And we are talking > 6,000 lines of code with less then a 100 containing comments, mostly reminders who to send the bill for a catscan to when your done sorting out there crap and the network protocol used.

To thinking, maybe a great night of actually sleeping for once was ill-timed, or perfectly timed but that’s a matter of opinion.

And my mothers got the nerve to say she’s not been able to breath all day… When ~15 hours later I’ve not even been allowed to start on what I was supposed to have FINISHED long ago.

*shakes head*

Some times life here really pisses me off. I think, if I didn’t love my family… I’d tell’em to go to hell and fuck themselves along the way, but unfortunately I love them… So I’m fucked lol.

I just keep marching forward, till I can’t see the trail of foot steps behind me. And I wonder here as I keep on going like a jet costing on flumes, how much longer before things get done?

It really would be wonderful, if people could respect the fact that I might actually have something important to do, or that thins I need to get done might actually have value… Although I’d probably settle on not being treated like a sub-human or an ignoramus around here :

I hope Sunday, will at least be a day where stuff can get done… If not, I think I’m sitting my ass down and refusing to lift a finger unless it involves