Days webbings

Ahh, home sweet home.

Well, not exactly but close enough ^_^

Was late getting to work but got off on time, luckily there was a little less to do today then normal. Got ‘ambushed’ by a Spider above the door, no sign of where the little bugger escaped to but I should probably thank’em.

Hit the shower and a quick shave without the usual delays. When your usually third in line for the bathroom and spend nights workin’, and time off work busy. It pays to take advantage of every opportunity for a bath lol.

I spent yesterday taking a day to myself (a rarity sometimes). I was building a prototype in Python with Qt3 bindings then after dinner. I spent the night writing the finished version in C++ with the Qt4 libraries I have installed. I haven’t really used C++ much in at least 2 and a half years or so but it wasn’t a problem. Qt is arguably the easiest GUI toolkit I’ve ever seen but I’m only used to the Python bindings to Qt3. So the issue with using the concepts from the prototype to build the project in C++, the biggest problem I had was the slight differences between Qt’s bindings to C++ and Python.

Although I wouldn’t want to have to do anything useful in assembly language, I think in a way that I can use just about any computer language given enough time. I do rather find working in Python, Perl, and PHP much more comfortable though.

The programs pretty simple, the whole point of it is just to handle a Bourne Shell script based init system to populating my workspace with applications.

I’ve also considered breaking it down & posting it just for an example in Qt programming.