Live Free or Die Hard

Great movie for the fourth time out 🙂

It’s like John McClane arguably has the worst luck of any character to ever grace the action flick scene. They send him to pick up a computer-noid and I’m thinking back to a scene in Mindnight Run when the bond guy tells him to whack’em over the head with a hose, toss’em in a bag, and drive back.

of course in McClanes case he gets shot at and almost blown up!

Live Free or Die Hard really depicts a horrible scenario for cyber terrorism. It’s utterly horrifying when you consider how much American society has become reliant on technological networks, satellites, quick como between emergency services, geeze.

Still, it was some fine stuff at work hehe. The traffic jam in the tunnel, ramming a car into a helicopter because he’s pissed off and out of bullets! Smashing through a building in an SUV, into the terrorist chick, and down an elevator shaft after being chucked out a window. A joint Strike Fighter trying to swat his stolen terro-big rig on the highway haha.

The ending, I just couldn’t help be chuckle through it between how they finally took out Thomas Gabriel -> must’ve known plenty about computers but jack crap about geometry and physics when it involves bullets hehe. Not to mention the ending before they all end up on the way to a hospital >_>

****spoiler warning****

Thomas Gabriel: On your tombstone it should say “Always in the wrong place at the wrong time”.
John McClane: How about “Yippi-kay-ay, motherfu – “

[ later ]

Lucy McClane: Daddy, you’re out of your mind.
John McClane: What’re you talkin’ about?
Lucy McClane: You shot yourself!
John McClane: [groaning] It seemed like a good idea at the time.

*** end spoiler warning ***

Honestly, it’s like if John McClane ever took a vacation and let “someone else” handle it, he would probably end up sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a margarita and then terrorists pour in with machine guns -> it could only happen to him! lol

You could say, he really is always in the wrong place at the right time 😉

Happy trails.