Return of the files

There’s more then one way to skin a cat baby.

If I’m going to be stuck waiting until AT&T gets off their lazy butts and sorts the last of it, so that we can get our land lines hooked back up rather then routing everything through the cable modem, until I’ll be able to get all the equipment moved to their final operational positions…

I’m going to access my files !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The servers good to go, ready to rock and roll, except for one problem! OpenBSDs support for WPA is gonna take -CURRENT and using my 3Com Ethernet XL card means the box needs to be near the router, which it can’t right now…

So I had an idea, hook up my digital camera with the extra 2GB SD Card for storage and use the USB cable to mount her on the server. Then jet it all over to my laptop on the camera right?

I packed up ~/code, ~/Documents, and a few .dot files for stuff I use a lot into a couple of archives. The only problem? Trying to mv the archives to the camera on sd0i caused the machine to lock up! So that idea was toast, total waste of time spent fscking my drives.

Plan B.

Working off the advice from Daemon Forum regulars I managed to transfer my NIC over to it’s new home, found my last power cable and plugged the system in on the deck, right next to the router.

Hooked her up and walked off for a drink, booted Dixie and sure enough I was able to ping her, ssh in to make sure she was fully on the LAN. Then I mounted my home directory and set about copying my files over to a ‘makeshift’ home directory in /usr/Projects/Terry, which thanks to vipw is now my current roost for the time being..

As long as there is a brain ‘tween my ears, I ain’t gonna be stopped so easy from reaching my objective… And in the words of John McClane,

Yippee-ki-yay, Mother F***er

Now if I could just do some thing about the general lack of sleep… lol