Writer’s Block: Food Loves and Hates

What foods can you not live without, and what foods can you not stomach?

Live Journals Writer’s Block

can’t live without:

cheese burgers
french fries
ice cream
little debbie snacks (lol)

and a fair bit of pasta based dishes 😉

Food that I can’t stomach?

I find egg salad and some kinds of pasta salad to be ‘uneatble” after a certain level of consumption.

Food with so much salt in it that it tastes like Bender cooked it (Only encountered one steak marinade like that; thanks bro for trying to give me a stroke ^_^).

Any thing with strong caffeine or aspartame taste to it.

Since I wasn’t allowed any soda with caffeine in it as a child, when I was finally free to have it, I can’t stand the taste of it !!! After 20 years without it you really taste it in soda like Coke or Pepsi. Luckly caffeine and aspartame are less common in food stuffs then drinks.

Anything that makes me want to gag or barf from the look, taste, or texture of it -> ain’t found anything like that yet, hehe.

I do however have a policy of “I eat just about anything that doesn’t try to eat me first”

Ahh crap… this makes me hungry !!!