the nights antics

I was rather happy to see that SourceForges SVN services were back up to a decent speed, other wise I probably would’ve gone to bed instead of getting back to work :

I managed to finish the work on the project file, I had inhaled the qmake manual before dinner ;-). I knew exactly what I wanted, test works all been done in a ‘one lump sum’ directory… Which is the style that I really hate, to much crap to visually grep through when looking for parts of the project.

The build format that I desire is basically like:

Makefile -> top level, non recursive make
doc/ -> documentation files
dist/ -> files ready to install (all done)
obj/ -> object files and crap from moc / building docs, etc
src/ -> source code files
src/module/ -> source code files for module

Which is basically what I’ve setup, maybe I’m just spoiled by the layout of FreeBSDs source tree and build system… hehe.

I was quite happy to find that as usual, Qt makes life easier not harder xD. It only took the fine (if short) manual and a little bit of trial time to get more or less what I wanted out of it, all the better! Without having to worry about a recursive trail of makefiles. When it comes to recursive makes, I have no problem with the concept, I just don’t care much for it.

I figured that if I couldn’t get what I wanted out of qmakes project files that I would have to do things manually. I don’t really have a problem with hand crafting makefiles but I really prefer not to have to maintain them, let along risk leaving something behind that needs a Bachelors of GNU Makeology to understand fully.

I did manage to get one module (essentially) imported into the SVN tonight and I’ve almost got another ready to go in. But before I commit it, I want to get the things refresh() slot sorted out. To do that, I just need to clear the m/v I guess but that can wait until tomorrow’ish.

As I often have said, laptops make poor pillows !

There’s about 5 more modules to import, as soon as they are adapted and ready to roll that is. Right now I’m in advantageous territory code wise but as usually, my working environment is, uhh… “Hostile” to say the least to productivity.

Maybe if anyone in this fuckin’ family knew an ounce of computers, let along programming, the bastards would let me work in peace rather then in pieces !!!!!!!