Writer’s Block: Immigration

If you had to immigrate from your current home, where in the world would you choose to go?

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I guess if I was forced to immigrate to another county, there are only about 3 places to consider as a final resting place.


Because I know a few people out that way, a fairly large portion of the population speaks English, the changes in laws are easy enough to figure out, there are lots of places to go fishing, and the women ain’t so bad either >_>

Great Britain

Again, I know a few people out that way, also have a relative who is originally from England. It’s about as English speaking a country as your going to find outside the United States of America. Plus the differences in lingo and customs of our cultures are not too mind bogglingly different.


A few people there that I would love to visit, one in particular that I could just imagine the two of us staggering home half drunk ^_^. I’ve always been quite fascinated with the country and it’s culture, not to mention that the “Bart Simpson method” is probably the only way that I would ever learn to speak German *decently*.

I can usually manage well enough with a dictionary, but I try to avoid speaking in German as much as possible… I can’t do the language justice with my American tongues vocalizations :

I would love one day, to have a chance to travel the globe a bit and visit other countries frequently: Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy (I’m half Italian and love the food), Denmark, Norway, Japan (a must visit!), and probably a few others as well. But when it comes to permanently living in another country, what can I say, I am an American at the end of the day. Sure I’d love to spend lots of times else where, why not? But I can’t fathom the idea of what it would be like to never again set foot on my homelands sore again…

My stomach would miss the USA too.

As a good friend has often said, the food over here is very much a salad bowl. And it really does make sense because America is a nation of immigrates, who most surely brought their tastes and cooking styles along with them :-).