Not exactly a movie that I would choose on my own, but so fucking funny it was worth cooperation lol. Ok, these two couples are shopping… The pregnant mothers on one end of the store and the fathers on the other side. While the guys are going buy, there is a dude in a “Arnie” Dinosaur suite pitching a sale to some kids — making fun of Barny the Dinosaur of doom. When the two guys walk buy, he tries to sell them the video:

Marty: I’m not gonna buy your damn video!
Arnie: But the kids will love it…
Marty: My kids will hate it because they think your show sucks!
Arnie: [after a long pause] Oh.
Samuel Faulkner: Thanks anyway.
Arnie: Oh sure, no hard feelings okay?
Marty: Alright.
[He and Samuel walk away]
Arnie: Ah, ya cheap shit.
Marty: What did you say?
Arnie: Oh gee, I didn’t say nothing mister, you must be hearing things. Bye bye, Arnie loves you. Ya penis-head.
Marty: Now I heard that!
Arnie: Heard what?
Marty: I heard what you said!
Arnie: I didn’t say nothing… Ya fat ass pussy.

And the two guys end up diving at him, three way brawl with “Arnie” cussing them out through the whole thing, until the women come over and find the “children” fighting. hilarious !