HOme from work at least and some good news, I only have to work 2 jobs tomorrow instead of 3… One of our clients had her baby today, so there is more important stuff to worry about ;-). Both mother and child doing well as to everyones prayers.

For me this is doubly good news…. If work was a river, I would be drowning in it, and my family would be pushing my head under.

I didn’t really mind having 3 jobs planned for tomorrow, I usually only have to deal with one. What does piss me off, is when I got into this business… It was to help pay for my high school and save some cash for later. Fast forward several years, I could be almost out of college by now instead of still in HS, and she ain’t saved a cotton pickin’ dime along the way. And the only way I’ll likely ever get out of this business, is my life turned up side down, in ways I don’t want lol.