Nights writings…

It’s become so painfully clear that I’m not going to get anything done today. In more ways then one, let us say…. I have managed however to end up on my laptop, on battery power, and in one hell of an uncomfortable typing position! Like normal, when I’m on battery power;I operate in text mode.

I don’t care much for it’s forms handling on this scale in Lynx, but I quite like that LiveJournal really is Lynx friendly!

I’ve been writing in Vim as usual, my ~/Documents/Personal/ folder grows day by day, the only semblence of order being YYYY-MM-DD.txt appended to file names. Often when I’m miserable or have very strong feelings, I’ll sit and write if I can (unobserved). It is more relaxing then sitting quietly and letting my mind rage about in silence. In away, I blame it on my time in Bible Study. When I was ‘free’ enough of schedule to attend it, I did quite enjoy being apart of one of the local groups. During most of the 2~3 years I was around, the focus often rested on a King of Israel with the ability for expression. I remember we covered much of the time of David.

I really miss that, but my life just doesn’t have the free time for it. It as always a bit of a hassle to complete each cycle, and at times pushed my abilities to refrain from nervisness; it was also a lot of fun. Hmmm, maybe someday I’ll live to see it again.

As to my own writings, while it is far from being so wonderfuly composed. It does however, express what _I_ feel more clearly then anything else. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t bother adding another file to my home directory. In a lot of ways, I find English a poor language for such a purpose. English is well suited for precision of description in my opinion, but sorely lacking in many other regards…. Mmm, not really looking forward to tomorrow, anyway you slice it, it’s rather likely to be a day I would rather forget about. At least *hopefully* I’ll have the weekend free; my mind wonders so much as I sit here, brain a drift with only my nimble fingers as its output. Hmm, why does everything seem to be I/O bound, even in the 21st century >_>