Spiders on a roll

Finally some time to catch up on my LJ, if I can keep my family at bay long enough to type anything meaningful >_>

Got off to a semi-early start, last night I was fairly wasted from the days ops and dropped off to sleep very quickly, all concepts of work largely forgotten until morning. Had to stop off today, Ma decided to upgrade cell phones, her new Motoorola W490 is quite nice. I don’t particularly care much for cell phone though.

So far SAL1600 is 90% of fully operational, I’ve only had minor problems. One, my mic doesn’t work and the sound drivers are pretty shitty, but on the upside seem to be much more stable then the older ones. Maybe my jokes were right after all, WHQL just means it’s certified to suck and help crash your system. I was warned when installing the newest ones from the manufactor, that they weren’t WHQL certified or what not, no biggy for me, because I know what kinda horse shit the company usually passes off for audio drivers lol. I really wish there was something like the Open Sound System for Windows, alas Windows sound technology is probably a good system. The only problem is, drivers!

Another issue is my Flock profile, I think it’s probably a paths issue. On the old box Flock was installed into it’s standard path of %ProgramFiles%Flock (e.g. C:Program FilesFlock) and my profile in %AppData%FlockBrowserProfiles… where %AppData% was formally “C:Documents and SettingsOwnerApplication Data”. On my new install, everything is installed into a ‘category’ folder in P:, e.g. P:GamesRavenShield, P:NetworkBrowsersFlock. And likewise my use profile is in U:Terry. It’s been somewhat problematic getting Windows to agree with me on such, especially the brain dead idea of it trying to copy a huge DVD sized ISO in U:TerryDesktop to C:Documents and SettingsTerryDesktop and bloating my C drive out. Maybe it is just my not knowing the management programs in Windows as well as UNIX or Windows XP is just totally brain damaged by design, I hope the latter but expect it is the former…

The software is willing but Windows is not so cooperative ^_^

The system has however been quite stable of late, pardoning IE7 crashing and a few other paths issues with my profile. I’ve also taken to having a cmd.exe window open on my second monitor most of th day. I find the DOS-inherited commands to be very child like and overly clumsy compared to any BSD or GNU/Linux based system I’ve used. The whole ruckus between copy, xcopy, and robocopy commands/programs on Windows is a nuts, I’ll never understand it… Not after having lived with /bin/cp so long.

I managed to get into TG#1 for some games today, training with Nick, Caern, and Ez. It seems that I’ve taken care of a fair bot of training arrangements lately, all part of an evil plan of course…. Muahuahauah !!! Who knows, maybe this aging war horse will get to see more action soon 😉