Chronicling the Failures of DRM

Take yourself back to the days when everyone bought only CDs. Imagine what you’d have thought of a store that sold discs that might work on your CD player now, but weren’t guaranteed to work on next year’s models. Imagine that some required you to phone the music store on a regular basis to reassure them that you were the legitimate owner, and were that store to go under, all the CDs you bought from it would one day cease playing. And once you started buying music from this store, you found yourself locked into a system that discouraged you from buying from a rival store down the street. Why, you might think, would you have bought anything from a place like that? Well, if you’re like millions of people in the UK, there’s a strong chance you already have.

All I can say is, “Burn, baby burn !!!”

I wouldn’t call MP3 an open format by any chance, but the article is interesting. DRM in my humble opinion is just a load of crap. Because anyone it is meant to actually stop, is more then smart enough (or equipped to) circumvent it one way or the other. That’s actually one reason why I rarely buy music, my opinion that the companies making the most money off of it. Won’t be happy until they’ve eventually figured out a way to charge someone four times for the same thing, then work on the next big thing, PayPerPlay hahah !!

I generally preer to have music on CD, because it lasts longer. Heh, I’d probably prefer vinyl if it was practical, but that’s a different story ^_^. Generally when I listen to music, it’s always on the computer. And I’m much to lazy to flick Audio CD’s around all day >_>