Busy of late and more to come!

oy, what a time the past week has been!

I’ve managed to fix several issues on the website, create a few more,a nd fix them lol. One was a typo, the other was a logic error that slipped by me. In the latter case, it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t more worried about *breaking* old code that predates my membership then beign wide awake >_>. I also had to fix a really, really, really old line of code today. That seems to have been broken by one of the site upgrades yesterday.

I’ve been screwing with Services For UNIX, The Korn Shell (various implementations, ranging from SFU to the official ksh93). Shoe horning Windows into a usable system, and trying to keep a steady presence on the RvS servers… but I’m still longing for SWAT !!! It’s been so long since I’ve had a solid game with my teammates (other then in RvS). I’ve also had to update my vimrc file while I was at it, I’ve vastly improve it but still thinkit it could be better. I also tested a few plugins and colo’s as well, the only headache is making sure it works on all of my systems lol. SFU, however seems to be the cause of most problems!

Tomorrow will probably be another monster of a work day, I’m not looking forward to it… There will however be a *lot* of stuff to deal with when I get home, I’m sure of it. At least though, we seem to be moving into a very positive direction for the future (long term). I can’t say that I am happy with some of the things I suspect may have to be done, but I pray it goes well… For the sake of all. I can’t say the same for everyone else in the world, but for me, I only know one thing about myself: