I managed to fix it fairly quick, wlel have way. I fixed it for [SAS] but broke it for non [SAS] lol. I’ve still got to wrap my head around that bowl of soup before I can be sure it’ll work right along side the new code.

I would’ve had it done much faster, if it wasn’t for the stupidest of typo’s… I really wish the difference between

$foobar = some value;
if ($foo_bar) {
... do something;

Was an error (or at least a warning) about an undefined variable on our setup, rather then creating a new one called $foo_bar. Maybe, I’ve just been using statically typed languages to much lately :.

More work to do today, but I did managed to install SWAT 4 and TSS without problem. It’s very good to return to the Proving Grounds, but I still miss some of the old gang… Alas, that’s the way things are and there still is work that remains to be done in the department.