Microsoft Kicthen — I’ve never been so scared of the future

Food Networks programming for tonight was examining the kitchen of tomorrow concept, from a time when blenders, ice makers, and dish washers were new gizmo’s… all the way to work in the present day. Ranging from some ideas that folks at MIT are ‘cooking up’, all the way down to a spoon that can taste :

But the one that really got me, was the Microsoft Kitchen. A quick look at the lock, and the person was let in — always wanted one of those retinal scanners, just like on TV! (or as my Mom put it, just like in Back To The Future II). A cook top that displays cooking advice… Recipes, even a flibbing stencil to help you cook, and a voice to give you instructions.

If you don’t know how to cook and the computer tells you to chop your fingers off, will you do it?

There was a Networked Microwave, you just scan a can of soup, and it fetches the instructions off the internet and warms it up for you. Oh, for crying out loud… Why the heck would I want a network attached Microwave? Unless I could program it in Java ? I can just imagine it, go scan a can of soup, some prankster has broken into your microwave, and it fetches instructions that makes it blow up in your face >_>

In the memory of Dr. Ian Malcom, These people must be so preoccupied with whether or they they could, that they don’t stop tot think if they _should_.

It also showed that every thing in the cabinets had a little radio tag that a computer tracked, letting you know how much Chili you had and stuff, great idea! Although I reckon any one with sufficient DIY skills could cook that up during a spell of unemployment lol. I wonder if the system is encrypted, or you neighborers can know how many bags of cookies you gnosh on before going to Weight Watchers haha. Another thing that Microsofts Kitchen had, was a computer telling you advice, put an appliance on the counter top, and it started giving you ideas to go with it.

Well hell, they can’t even create a decent search engine, so I can only hope it uses some kind of most recently used algorithm.

Not to mention a computer to provide medical advice on how much and what to take. Oy vey, I can just see that one going sour…. I dunno what is worse, having Clippy in your medicine cabinet or the probability that it will either Blue Screen of Death or suffer from a (lethal to stupid you) malware infection when someone asks a question +S

I know, having used Microsoft software for almost my entire computing life… The idea of just Microsoft reaching a cars multimedia system was scary, but this kitchen of the future, is just fucking



Ya know, I generally consider myself borderline on technophilia at times… But in all honesty. I think if you just ditched the stupid sales jingles and stuff, I would much rather have the far from digital “kitchen of tomorrow” from the 1950s, or better yet fast forward to the Jetsons, with a automated food preparation system and a robot maid lol.

But then again, if the ultimate invention ever occurred inmy life time, I’d probably worry about the dang thing trying to poison me for a few decades before they became common place enough to trust <_<. But by then, they would probably be network attached without any security devices lmao. Why do I feel old? Probably because I still have need of the ol’microwave more then Microsofts networked one hehe.