The days woes

I think if I have to look upon another line of code on the website tonight, I’ll go mental! Maybe it’s lucky for me, that tomorrow is such of a hell of a long job, that I’ve got to go to bed early to survive it lol.

Even a spider needs sleep eventually

The best way to describe old code on the site, is a scripting language with many globals, almost no regard for scope, rarely any indentation, extremely long lines, and compounded with (often shitty)HTML embedded in multiple layers, and designed in such a way. That if you so much as add a comment somewhere you’ll probably break something lol*. It’s an exaggeration of course, but it is essentially _that_ bad to work with. Much worse when you consider that system upgrades can often make subtle changes that only an asshole would’ve assumed never would change. I’m tired of having to think up band aids around shit that shouldn’t have been written in the first place. I’m no brilliant programmer, but for the love of HAL, at least try to do a decent job!

[SAS] has had one very negative impact on my life, I can’t stand assholes that do things half-assed, whether it’s running around like a headless chicken, or making toxic waste look pretty.

In a lot of ways, I wish I could just rip the website part… Build it anew, as Operation Excalibur was meant to experiment with locally. But people would likely not like that idea, because all they get to see is the ‘outside’ of the site, not the innards. *SIGH*, I don’t like rewriting stuff from scratch, but I don’t like being forced into bubble-gum solutions with bubble gum on the bubble gum either. I know Wiz isn’t a code monkey, tbh he would have a good excuse to write putrid code, but the sad thing? The jackasses who wrote the code we’re working on, were supposed to be an educated man. I really hope, if that person ever gets a job that involves computers and programming or webwork, they stick a cattle prod up their ass at the sight of the work being done. At least Wiz makes an effort, that’s more then I can say of the person that hashed out most of the websites less-nice modules.

I still need to fix one module used in the selection course, and after having spent more then 3 hours reading, thinking, and testing. I still can’t find the reason why it stopped working lol. The S.O.B. in question doesn’t even have anything to do with our recent changes, but no… It’s gotta be a prick and break, without reason, without word. To be honest, I never knew how much I would miss exception handling before I had to live without it, even if I never really used exceptions in most of my code lol.

Tis the nature of my sort, I think, to be pissed off and frustrated with such crocks. Including the kind that I wouldn’t even wish on a machine let along a programmer. One thing I do know, it’ll have to wait until at least Wednesday to get fixed, because I’m going to be working like a dog tomorrow and Tuesday. Oh man, what I would do if I had a week or two of nothing else to do but wage code-warfare upon building a more robust website.

* For those that don’t know, a comment is a section of code that is totally ignored when running it, e.g. int foo = /* comment */ 1; is treated as if /* comment */ was never there.