Between a parakeet that has been screaming almost since dawn, a mother in the kitchen, and a dog underfoot, they’ve managed to give me a monster headache code wise :

At least there was something decent on TV tonight, but I slept through half of it lol. When I woe up though, I was pleasantly surprised to find The Mating Season on. it’s an old movie (1951), but it’s a wonderful movie. If memory serves, a man basically ends up tapped on the rescue when his bosses socialite girlfriends had an accident, which ends up with them getting hitched a very little while later.

The young Mr McNulty breaks the bank and goes into hock six ways from Sunday, to give his new wife Maggie a decent apartment. Nothing extravagant but quite high for his modest sallery, all for the love of a rich girl. His mother that flipped burgers for years to get him through college, finally gives the bank collector the big slip one more time and sells the hamburger joint. Goes out and buys a new dress, expansive hat (even by todays standards for common folk, so in 1951 it would’ve been insane!), and she goes down to drop in on her son and his new bride.

When the mother gets there, the new Mrs McNulty is trying to throw a dinner party, except for one thing. She never learned how to cook or keep house! So she’s expecting the maid her husband was sending over from the agency… When her mother in law shows up at the door, Maggie thinks that she is the maid, right off the bat, fair mistake. When the mother sees just how badly things are screwed up, she takes off the hat and puts on an apron. Just couldn’t bare to embarrass her daughter in law I guess, lmao. When Mr McNulty returns, he’s like WTF is going on here! but ends up cooking up a deal with his mom. To let her continue on as the ‘maid’, before she skips town and finds a worse job. And Maggie and the ‘maid’ become best of friends, and saves them a fortune on the shopping bill.

That’s when all hell breaks loose. The other mother in law comes down to visit, being a stuck up, rich bitch of a snob: treats the ‘maid’ like a dog, and even goes so far as to having the poor asshole sleeping on the couch in his own home :. Combine with his boss, his ex girlfriend, and his mother-in-law all trying to destroy their marriage, they drive the poor guy nuts. His boss, stealing a grand idea as his own and making him do the leg work, but doesn’t invite him to the party. But luckily, his wife loaned out the new ‘maid’ to his bosses father (the head of the company), to take care of the old man while he was sick in bed.

She tells him the truth about whose idea it really is and gets her son invited. At the party, Maggies snobbish partner in a game makes a snide comment resulting in an argument. Without even knowing or asking what went on, the husband immediately takes the other womans side, because he wants “in” with the folk their at the club and the business deal to go through. So he forces his wife to apologize to the old bat, and she does. Making a big play up about possibly having an affair with his boss (who was her former boyfriend). Which starts a good quarrel between them. When Maggie’s mother sees something odd in the middle of the night, she accuses her son in law of fooling around with the maid! When Maggie finds out that the maid is really her mother in law, and hat he has kept this secret the whole time, that’s the last blow — and she puts an end to the whole thing.

That’s when his mother saves the day, lol. Getting together with the head of the company, they hatch a bigin’ with setting up a meeting between the two parted but newly wedded morons, before Maggie can leave town. Later on the son presents his mother to the snob from the club, and throughly puts and end to his own snobbish ways by rejecting the club as not good enough for his family. Now that the “cat is out of the bag’, his mothers able to speak freely with the other mother in law. When his mother in law decides that she’s moving in for the long term to be with her daughter, his mom fixes it good :-). That this time, it would be no more slave labour, the two mothers would help out, and the rich bitch would be put to work ! Hahahahahahaha, it’s priceless >_>

As that is all taken care of and the young couple is back together again, another twist of fate. The head of the company, having taken a liking to the ‘maid’ when she took care of him earlier. Hears his son (the boss from before) say that he would rather have his throat cut, then have a mother like Mr McNulty’s, the old man comes to his decision. And finally asks her out in his limo <_<
It’s a crazy movie, but it’s hilarious some of the jokes that go through the scenes. You’d have to watch it to get it. If you ever had an in-law of an out-law move in, it probably would be even more funny then it is to me lol.

Some classics, are just classically funny if you sit and watch them.