Slithering around an aging question

Hmm, it seems if I can sort a suitable SQL-interface (beyond the standard issue sqlite3 module) that Python will become my primary language.

It seems, no matter how much I try to circumvent it, Python is the best choice all around : And I’ve tried to knock it down to size lool.

Pythons str and list classes, I actually quite like; although I don’t care much for dict (Pythons associative array class), that might change come Python 3. Most of the stuff built into Python, I like using. The regular expression support, well what can I say… I don’t like any stuck on OOP or procedural interfaces, after having used Perl. The =~, s//, [m]//, and related $symbolic_vars in Perl are just to useful!!!! But Pythons ‘re’ module is good enough for stuff, I guess. Between the built in xml.* and the third-party lxml interface to libxml2, that routes pretty much a snap. I get along well with Pythons IPC offerings about as well as I do with posix’s C offerings. The zlib, gzip, bz2, zipfile, and tarfile modules are enough for the compression/archive formats I may eventually need to operate on. For network related operations, Python provides a lot of stuff plus a familiar sockets interface; I don’t have no problems with sockets programming (although I rarely get a chance to use it in C), I just don’t have time to say, implement FTP! For GUI toolkits, basically offered is TKinter, GTK+, WxWidgets, and Qt. And it looks like GTK+ will probably be my new default kit… The epydoc program also seems to provide the style of documentation I’m used to (Javadoc-style) with good options hehe.

Not to mention the best parts of using Python as my standard language (I and II)