Hmm, in a quick look to see what the current version of Pidgin was; I found this psting in the news page: Why I Hate “Modern” IM

This reminds me of why I stopped using the official AIM client from AOL, they turned it into a massive pile of horse-shit lol. MSN Messenger which was my first IM-technology, I gave up on Microsofts clients around 7.something. XFire is a balance between “acceptable” and “Good”, but still lacks a lot of the more, ehh… “I use this thing all day” kind of bonuses.

In my experience, all instant messengering clients are piles of garbage, taped together with a pretty face. Pidgin is just a bit more bearable then most; I use pidgin daily on Windows XP and FreeBSD, ranging from AIM to XMPP support. It sucks plenty, but it sucks less then Kopete, and it’s more portable then any other such app I’ve met :. And it’s still better then any IM client I’ve used. The only decent clients I’ve used, the very minimalist GoogleTalk client, the version of AIM that was out when I was a Potentional Recruit for [SAS], Pidgin, and Kopete, but all leave much to be desired… But they still beat the ever loving, flying, freaking heck, out of the last version of AIM I downloaded from AOL looool.

Now if only there was that perfect IM client….

If such a thing were even possible