After a massive interruption, I managed to catch the end of the War of the Roses. Now that, is what I would call, the divorce from hell lol. The movie is funny, but it’s not pretty.

The whole thing goes to pot, when the husband thinks he’s having a heartattack and is rushed to the hospital. The wife is feels ‘happy’ at the thought of being free of him; never mind the sweet deathbed note he wrote, thinking he was dying lol. Which in turn leads to the divorce, both want the house and won’t give it up… To the point, that they’ve worked on a system for dividing the house between them, in the words of the lawyer, “Does this seem rational to you both?”, “I have more square footage >_>”.

She denies him pills, he runs over her cat trying to drive to the store. She locks him in the sauna, he ‘snots’ the soup at her dinner party and pisses on the fish course (lmao!). She runs him over, monster-trucking over his Morgan with her big-ass SUV. Attempts to patch it up fail, ending with a waging war across the house (and a couple $100,000 in damage)… Including her trying to drop the chandelier on him, him trying to rape her turning into a more ‘natural’ moment, until she tries to bite his dick off loool (stupid bastard, should’ve seen it coming!). And more destruction of property, until finally they both end up sitting in the chandelier, as friends come to the rescue……

The cables holding the chandelier up, give way, since she loosed the cable, and they both fall to their death before help arrives.

If I ever get married, remind me to never get divorced!