Geeze, this is like a massive cleaning day :

  • Went shopping
  • Walked the dogs (as promised)
  • Washed the dogs — if their looks could kill!
  • Cleaned the newts tank
  • Field stripped Dixie and cleaned a few lbs of dog hair out of the keyboard
  • Straighted that leaning tower of junk in the corner
  • Took a cool shower
  • Shaved, for once before hitting a proper beard…
  • Covered the car
  • And finally got to sit down, around 1930Q hehe

I’ve gotten almost no coding done, but it’s still been quite the productive day!

I need to finish one program, build two more, build a mockup for a site, and I also want to work on another little app of my own… I call it ‘nag’, a note taking application to furfil the obvious purposes lool.