Off work until Monday, and working until Friday… I really like the weeks when Monday falls on a date that I am not working >_>, but that’s only every other week :.

Plans for the weekend:

Work on Rouges project
Work on fixing that bug in XYZ
Play RvS and SWAT 4
Chat with a few friends, if I’m sane by then <_<
Catch up on my postings.

Interference to goals:

Trying to pass level 8 of tetris…. This is what I get for not playing enough tetris as a boy lol.
Having to write the daemon portion of my note taker
Battle for Wesnoth being in the middle of an interesting campaign, and trying to create one of my own.
Any number of personal projects and homework that never seems to be completed on time.

There are two things that I really need, but not likely to see in a long time… In the mean time, I guess there is working to death lol.