What a day !!!

Woke up early, fairly good for a change, but still… 30min before I had to get dressed for work lol.

On the way out of the complex I thought I smelled something, noted it for comment if I still smelled it in a bit, thought it was just something in the terrain. Also heard an odd raddle, but hey… She’s a F.O.R.D.

About ~25 metre down the road, Ma is like “I can’t steer!” and said the AMP light was on the display; so I told her to pull over while their was still a place to pull over.

A quick thumb through the cars manual to make sure of what the bleeding heck the amp light might mean, aside from a low battery (that’s still got 2 years on the warrenty, and hopefully the specs to back it up) says to have the electrical system checked (real helpful). So I got out, popped the hood, and took a quick scan of things.

Sure enough a look at the alternator revealed a broken belt 🙁

I was just happy it’s the belt & tensioner instead of an electicral problem… That would be as good as totaled fincially, but getting the belt and the tensioner done is only ~$150 or so. Ma called the clients we were supposed to work for, and they came out and got us (their very good folk). I started work on the monster sized house myself, while Ma took care of getting the car towed.

Despite a very large work area, I actually made quite a not of headway… Expecting to have to complete everything but the mopping without aid.

Then Ma got in, and I had to brief her twice on what I had gotten done, to avoid her redoing it *grrr*. To be followed by a lot of interupts, hence a sudden drop in productivity… lol.

Got off work around 1630~1700, which is pretty late; usually we get done around 1500, but I only got to start solo around 1052~1058.

As usual, I skipped any concept of breakfast, but we got off late, so I skipped lunch — stopping for lunch takes to long. I’m somewhat like a camel really; little food & water, good imunity to temparure change, barely any rest, and still works like a dog… lol.

At least though, the volume of dinner made of for the lack of lunch xD

A a side effect of everything, since the car won’t be fixed until tomorrow, I’m off work… so it’s just a quetion of whether or not I’ll be both home and available to get stuff done.

Still, it does make me wish I knew more about cars. I know just enough to understand how they work, but not enough to fix them lol. Hmm… that reminds me of a family joke haha, about the person I’m named for. I was named after a close friend of my parants, who introduced them; but as the story goes. My Dad, who could rip an engine apart and put it back together again; called up my mom to explain that he wouldn’t be making it into town, because Terry took apart the Corvairs engine apart, and had parts left over xD

Someday, I think I’d love to take an engine apart (with the manual as he did), and find out if I’d have parts left over or do it right. If I did have parts left over or fouled it up, I could just imagine my father cursing a blue streak from beyond the grave… lol.