What a screamin’ and hollerin’ filled day, AGAIN!.

Let’s see, where do I start?

Stuck getting up for work, overslept and got bitched at..

When we’re about to leave for work, the battery is discharged.

So I end up walking the dogs, but Coco doesn’t get her turn because their is no time.

So Ma calls the place from yesterday to get someone out here with jumper cables for the car…

Then it’s a waiting for the road service, because the place from yesterday don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. And coco is whining because she didn’t get to go out.

The guy with the tow truck and jumper cables explains the battery problem is bacause the internal lights were stuck in the always on position -> BP or PAC, piss on you!

So we head to the normal family mechanic… Good guy, know him and his wife from church.

The alternator is still working (thankfully), so the battery charges and passes sanity checks when hooked up to a voltmeter. He also dismantled something on the engine and whatever he pushed had the same effect as putting the gas pedal flat on the deck,

Ma decides to get a new battery, since it was 3 years old… Which is roughly another $100 between battery / service / warranty / whatever.

I spend ~50% of my laptops own battery charge righting code.

5 minute down the road, the engines running worse then ever… return to mechanic, and guess what? I hose up top near the crankcase was cracked. As far as I can tell from google and his description, it was probably some kind of breather tube for a PCV system.

Son of a bitch, replacing that tube has fixed the cars chugging up and down the road, which has been driving Ma crazy, for what? Nearly 3+ years by now loool.

It is always the simple things in life that getcha !!! Be it a broken serpentine belt driving the alternator and power steering among other things, leaving a light on, just righting to the teletypewriter device, or replacing a stupid hose that helps regulate the amount of air / gases in the chamber to the right levels.

Get stuck going shopping, since we missed work, and I bloody hate grocery shopping !!!!!

I managed to leak the trooper by accident over instant messenger, and had to change it in a hurry, then report myself for stupidity.

To top it off, there is almost nothing on TV; just Keeping The Faith.

Scratch that, to make it even worse! I just ended up having to rub her royal majesties feet.

If tomorrow is like today, yesterday, or worse, I am really taking the weekend off doing shit for awhile loooooooooooool.

Bartender: Let me get this straight, I’m talking to a priest who went on a
bender, because his best friend; a rabbi, stole his girl.

Priest: Right

Bartender: I want to thank you for telling my this story.

Priest: Why?

Bartender: Because now I can retire.

Priest: You have to give me advice, that’s what this is supposed to be about.

Bartender: Oh GOD, what do I know? I half Punjabi Sikh, one quarter Tummel
separatist, my sister married a Jewish doctor from New Jersey, and our
other grandmother was an Irish nun; who left me this bar, which is a VERY
long story.

Priest: You’re a Sikh, Catholic, Muslim, with Jewish in-laws?

Bartender: Yes, yes, it is very complicated… I’m reading dynetics.

Priest: I don’t blame you.

Priest: I thank you for listening to me, I feel like I should ask you for my

Bartender: I don’t do penance, I do shots!

both: *snorts* Hahaha

*pours them both another shot*

Bartender: I tell you what I know

Bartender: May those who love us, love us. And those who don’t love us – may
GOD turn their hearts. And if HE cannot turn their hearts, may HE turn their
ankles, so that we may know them by their limping

Priest: *nods agreement*