I love this thing….

Laptop is under abusively heavy load compared to what my much more powerful windows machine does, but it’s still in a very usable state. If this system ran Windows XP instead of FreeBSD, it would be slow’n to a crawl lol.

currently running: 155~165 processes, 6 shell sessions, 1 x session, temperature is at 64.0 Celsius

  • X.Org is up and I logged in from GDM.
  • Blackbox is running with bbkeys, dcopserver, gkrellm2, and two rounds of fbpanel in support.
  • Psi, Pidgin, and XChat are running, with a total of 7 networks going between them (1 of which is freenode, with 3 channels open)
  • rxvt-unicode + gnu screen is open with 4 windows
  • linux-flock is running with 5 tabs and the mplayerplug-in streaming music
  • The www/firefox3 port is compiling
  • My vimbuild script is fetching/building a newer version of vim from cvs
  • I am csup’ing my systems copy of the FreeBSD source tree
  • And doing the write/compile/test rinse & repeat in vim 😉

This kind of workload, is fairly typical for me when running FreeBSD. On the windows machine, I don’t even bother – doesn’t take well to it :.