PC-BSD, 3 years of PBI corruption continues!

Username: mrhbit


This is available in FreeBSD ports.

Here some screenshots.


regards Soeren

Username: mrhbit

Or a package for PC-BSD 7.x ?

Username: Gon

have done it. Gimme a week and i will approve it into pbidir.com

Gonzalo Martínez-Sanjuan Sánchez
PC-BSD Core Team Member

Problems with this:

  1. Getting a PBI approved is supposed to involve community testing, and review by those in charge of our PBI’safety (e.g. Gonzalo and a few others on the team page), which should also be impartial auditors – it’s called common sense.
  2. This would make Gonzalo a repeat offender in by-passing the normal approval procedures for his own PBIs, if he does what he says he will do.
  3. If he does as his record and choice of words suggests, this is a conflict of interest, which I deem unethical.
  4. This is not the first time. someone involved in the PC-BSD project has “bent” the PBIDir rules, or endorsed doing so… when they are supposed to be enforcing them, for everyone including themselves!
  5. In the past a number of PBI’s that have “skipped approval”, and have resulted in stinging users or violating the rules of the day (ref: Kris (Realplayer, Java, BSD4Win), Charles (Firefox, Thunderbird), Gonzalo (Gnome, …)), or just had half assed [lack of] testing that didn’t catch obvious problems (ref: the 2nd Amarok PBI, Gnome 2). Considering the state of Documentation (how many general users know how to extract PBI w/o install, or how to reach the scripts before they are run), users will not see the code executed when they install a PBI (and most woulnd’t understand it, or the implications), which IMHO is a major security risk — unaudited PBI.

Is it a wonder, that I never send patches to these people… I wouldn’t want my name associated with PC-BSD in any such capacity, period and end of quote. I remember I once compiled a list of the PC-BSD projects deficiencies, and took it up with one of the team members…. That was quite a while ago now; but no actual changes seem to have occured, beyond referencing revisions in the changelog for 7.0.1.

I think, if Gonzalo doesn’t go by the book, maybe I will just happen to go public with them this time — and expand the list!

I’ve had about enough of watching this chicken shit project. I may have mellowed in my increasing age, but not that far just yet.