2008-11-24 T22:46:45 UTC

Kicking back, having fun watching space balls while I dig into stuff from my
laptop. Stuck in the DVD, moved the dresser out of the way (so I can watch the
TV), pulled an old computer core up to the bed for use as a table… Say down
and had some Kellogs. Now I’ve got my feet resting on the computer, laptop on
an old chessboard (baleneced on my lap), and pillows behind me to give me some
support, & comfort while sitting on the edge of the bed.

I’m not even bothing with X, I’m working in the FreeBSD console. Need to sort
out a quick music for mplayer, I’ll leave it running on another virtual
telitype. Ahh, I don’t care if the sn goes nova, I’m gonna sit here and enjoy
suff. Work starts tomorrow afternoon, and it’s the kinda job that won’t leave
me any time to myself (worth mentioning), until I get off work the next day;
his weeks gonna be a general P.I.T.A. until next month, so may as well…