No wonder I’m typing things like ’tis’ so often lately, in vim where ‘h’ is the key to move te cursor one char to the left; I tried the command ‘7hr’, meaning move 7 char to the left and replace the letter under the cursor with the next typed key-stroke.

I had to type ‘7hhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ on my keyboard to get ONE H !!!!

Now wonder Control+H has been taking so long to backspace over crap….

My laptops h key is starting to ignore keypresses! I tested it in urxvt/screen, vim, firefox3, and xchat; then tried xev and using the system console… same results. This is horrible !!! I’m going to have to dismantle my laptops keyboard later and take a look…. This is _BAD_. I use my laptops keyboard a lot, so muc in fact that tere is no label left on my ‘N’ key, and the ‘D’ and ‘H’ meys labels are half faded out haha.

CRUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t need many keys, only about 56 -> the average PC keyboard has 104 keys today, but finding 105/107 key models are not uncommon either. With a laptop, I basically demand 12 hours of typing comfort out of the 56 keys I need, same as any other keyboard I use….