Hmm, I was dreaming about being involved in a proper SAS assault this morning, nothing like that to get ya blood pumping before work lol. Managed to survive work, cut my other thumb (for korn skae!), got off work late and missed a tea appointment :, got dragged out grocery shopping *again*,m and I think my mothers finally finished spending all forms of savings lol; she also owes me money >_>.

I’m like the only one in my family that knows how to save money lol. Not looking forward to the rest of th eweek that much, but I’ll be off much of next week; I am really not looking forward to Christmas lol.

On a lighter note, I’ve been promoted from Moderator to an Administrator on along with jnixon. Kris Moore and James (jnixon) have been improving the spam protection, much to the relief of forum regulars; and there is now the big red button I’ve been longing for in dealing with spammers! With luck, jnixon will keep some activity on forum matters, so I won’t be the only active admin, which probably wouldn’t much nicer a task then being the only active moderator was lol. Admin on the forum, is a bit of a closer association then I want with the PC-BSD project…. but I also don’t want to see the forums go to pot, so I ain’t arguing. I personally prefer newsgroups (USENET) for such matters, but most PC-BSD users seem to hit the forums when they need help. Hmm, that reminds me, I need a new news reader lol.

Hmm… maybe, this means we can finally get a proper (sticky) F.A.Q. and Common Issues thread going when new releases come out; although me ablibing it myself, wasn’t my idea of how to fix the problem lol.