I live in a country full of morons.


Cygnus Systems, Inc. is suing Microsoft, Apple, and Google, because their web browser, becauses supposedly how they handle image previews “infringes” on a patent owned by Cygnus. This is so much bull shit man lol.

Why don’t they just allow people to put a patent on using the “+” symbol to write addition operators on paper, and hell: better yet include using Hexadecimal 2b to store + in the ASCII encoding, that just about every single freaking common encoding does to display English. Then charge every body who has implemented an ASCII-compatible aware program to pay royalties, FFS!!!!

I’m not against allowing patents on software, but for the love of Pete’s sister…. Who the $#@! grants these things? Probably some dipstick that doesn’t even know a machine word from a nibble! *sigh*