Oh wonderful day….

Spend my afternoon trying to out lag suspects on SWAT 4, with a ratio of 5:1 rounds per kill them:me. Managed to sit down with the laptop, start compiling a list of libraries to standardize on, and at long last – there’s actually good stuff on TV. Fast foreward a few hours, now Ma is using my DVD player to watch her new movie; being hard of hearing like everyone else in my fscking family, I’m gonna be deaf from how high she has the volume lol. Even worse, between her and the dogs, I’m getting crowded off my bed… laptop and all.

And I’ve still got a few dozen libraries to sort through before dinner…. why do I even bother? Doing anything in this place, is like trying to put a hole in ones head -> not good for ones survival, unless ones name is Egon Spengler!

to do: finish research on text, cgi, html, http, gtk, tk, and x11 relateds.