Oy, not ot far into the book and the lack of sleep finally cought up to me… passed out for a few hours. I set a new shameful record for lack of sleep this week, but the nap was well deserved lol. Felt fairly well without the lack of sleep, but eventually…. as one friend put it:

your body will give you a resounding “NO MORE” and you w ill collapse whn you need sleep

Last night, I meant to read some more of the camel, but dropped stone cold to the pillow; then woke up bright and fresh around 0700 local haha. Decided to read some of the book, but couldn’t focus very well with the brightness of the book light; ut the TV on to help my eyes adjust to the light. Read a few chapters and had some scrambled eggs & toast (I almost never have any breakfast, but then again, I almost never get out of bed at 0730 without leaving for work either!). So far, I’ve only read around 80 pages, so I’m about 50~60pg behind schedule; (but hey, sleep deprivation catches up eventually) hopefully I’ll work my way through the thousand or so remaining pages quite quickly. I know Perl about as well as I know any language well; but ya never know, might actually learn something new lol.