Camels rock

Been reading a bit more of Programming perl, I left off at the start of Chap. 7 “Formats” for the night, so I could get to taking care of things before work tomorrow (I haven’t been on the computer all day lol). I enjoyed the later parts of the chapter on regular expressions; although I’ve known regular expressions (hence forth regex) for a long time now, I *loved* getting to read more about how the parser & engine works; it has changed the way I think about the /PATTERN/ (and just how much hard work perl does to deal with greedy people).

I also learned a few new things, namely just how advanced Perls regexes are: I’ve always felt that Perl must be the king & queen of regex implementations…. after seeing all the (?…) stuff that is referenced in the book (the ones I didn’t know yet), I think Perl must be the king, queen, jack, and ace; or as my hanging jaw expressed, “Fucking brilliant!” ;-). The other things, is how in the universe can ‘pos($str) = 1;’ could possibly be legal, rather then just an interesting form of magic; and how functions that skip the dang comma after a block, like the built in ‘map { block } @list’ does, can be defined. Which interestingly, also explains how modules like Error and Exception from CPAN likely do there stuff.

This is getting interesting hehe.